Great theater is an experience.  Experience fosters empathy.

Empathy and social awareness are needed now more than ever, and it’s up to all of us to expand our perspectives.  As a Cast Aside Productions attendee, you know we believe great theater makes us reexamine ourselves, our process, and our impact on others.  We’re passionate about that work and I invite you to invest in spreading empathy with us. 

As a non-profit and growing production company, we are looking for individual theater lovers and organizations to join us in our mission. We believe in making the theater experience accessible, entertaining, and socially conscious by:

  • Producing new and reimagined classic works to challenge audience perspective on culturally relevant topics
  • Offering sliding ticket pricing to accommodate disparate income levels
  • Paying all artists, musicians, designers, and technicians for work, encouraging regional economic progress
  • Providing free community events to foster positive gathering and audience education
  • Hosting skill-building theater arts classes for all experience levels

Greater Portland’s theater artists are outgrowing our resources and need your support to be seen and heard! Cast Aside Productions 2nd Annual Campaign: Crescendo, is raising funds to go toward championing artist payment, building arts administration infrastructure, and expanding educational programs—as well as obtaining our own venue.  We have set an immediate goal of raising $50,000 in donations by December 31st

In 3 years, we’ve produced 14 shows in 6 regional venues, paying over 400 theater artists.  In 2017, we hosted 10 free musical theater events designed to encourage community and education.  In 3 years, our small but mighty team has accomplished a lot. 

These efforts have been almost entirely self-funded; it was worth it because we believe in the importance of theater’s contribution to society, infusing energy into Greater Portland’s arts economy, and producing great theater.  Payment of artists for their work and services is a key foundation of Cast Aside.  We know enriching and expanding the arts economy in Greater Portland will benefit all local businesses, residents, and markets.  Artists who can support themselves can make better, more meaningful art and are less likely to export their talents, ideas, and funds to larger cities. 

Cast Aside Productions’ vision includes:

  • Creating year-round theater tourism for Greater Portland
  • Opening a 300-seat community-accessible venue
  • Building comprehensive and modern training programs for theater arts
  • Securing the future of professional, challenging, and local musical theater
  • Making opportunities for Maine’s theater artists to practice their craft at home

I hope you will join in contributing toward our mission and efforts by donating today. This is a time of invention, creation, art, science, adventure, failure, and success.  Let us not be intimidated, but excited by that.  Have a thought, get fired up, and do something with it.  We need you to create new products, new conversations, and new rules.   And we want to help.