All contributions to Cast Aside Productions are tax deductible


Patron of the Arts: we need your help!  Cast Aside Productions has been awarded non-profit status by the IRS and we are looking for individual theater lovers and organizations to join our new company.

Greater Portland’s theater artists are outgrowing our resources and need your support to be seen and heard! Cast Aside Productions 1st Annual Campaign: Overtures, has a fundraising goal of $30,000 by September 1, 2017 that will go toward:

  • 2017 production costs
  • championing artist payment
  • building arts administration infrastructure
  • expanding educational programs

In 2.5 years, we’ve produced 10 shows in 6 regional venues, paying over 200 local theater artists.  In 2016, we hosted 13 free musical theater events designed to encourage community and education.  In 2.5 years, our small but mighty team has accomplished a lot.

These efforts have been almost entirely self-funded; it was worth it because we believe in the importance of theater’s contribution to society, infusing energy into Greater Portland’s arts economy, and producing great theater.

Cast Aside Productions’ vision includes:

  • Creating year-round theater tourism for Greater Portland
  • Opening a 300-seat community-accessible venue
  • Building comprehensive and modern training programs for theater arts
  • Securing the future of professional, challenging, and local musical theater
  • Making opportunities for Maine’s theater artists to practice their craft at home

Becoming a nonprofit organization was an important step. And you can help us with the next!

We’re passionate and ready.  Are you?